How Health Department McComb, MS, Handles Medicaid

Medicaid plays an important role in ensuring easier access to healthcare treatment for people with low income. If you live in McComb, Mississippi, there are a number of things that you need to know about Medicaid McComb, MS, and how health department McComb, MS, manage the provision of this aid. As a beneficiary, you need to understand everything about Medicaid and how to benefit the most from it.

Medicaid Basic Facts

You can learn everything about Medicaid by consulting Medicaid office in McComb, MS. There are several basic facts about this medical care program that you need to understand. To start with, Medicaid provides insurance coverage to about 20% of United States citizens, so 1 in 5 Americans is currently benefiting from it. It is a collaboration between federal and state governments in which the federal government sets the standards while the state government administers the program, determine the populations eligible for this program, determine covered services, determine healthcare delivery models, and determine payment methods. Therefore, although the general rules of this healthcare program are the same, you need to consult local HHS or health department McComb, MS, to learn about the specifics.

Medicaid Evolution

One clear reason why you should consult Medicaid office McComb, MS, is because in Mississippi, just like in other places in the United States, Medicaid coverage has evolved over time. The original 1965 Medical Law stated that cash assistance determined who was eligible for the program. Over time, new coverage options were introduced by the Congress. There have been a number of milestones in the changes of Medicaid coverage, such as the introduction of separate CHIP program in 1997 and the introduction of Affordable Care Act (ACA) expansion in 2010. Be sure to keep your understanding of this healthcare program updated in order to benefit the most from it.

Health Department McComb MS

Health Department McComb MS

How to Use Medicaid

If you want to use your new Medicaid coverage in health institutions like Southwest Hospital McComb, MS, here are some easy steps that you can take. This guide is also valid if you want to use CHIP coverage.

1. Take your time to contact Medicaid office or CHIP agency to understand the latest regulation concerning the use of Medicaid and CHIP coverage.

2. You also need to call Medicaid office if you don’t get enrollment card or if you are not sure of whether you are eligible.

2. Check the back of your enrollment card to find your eligibility letter. On this letter, you can find the phone number of member services. Call a number.

4. You can then ask the hospital, physician or doctor you call about services covered by your health plan.

Where to Find Medicaid Office

Medicaid office can be found in almost every city in the United States. In McComb, you can locate Medicaid office McComb, MS, at 301 Apache Drive, McComb, MS 39648-6309, providing services to counties including Amite, Pike, and Walthall. If you wish to contact the office by telephone or facsimile, you can call 601-249-2071 or fax 601-249-4629. Call or visit Mississippi Medicaid office McComb, MS, if you need more information about Medicaid and how health department McComb, MS, manage this healthcare program.

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