Important Things to Know about LSH Hysterectomy Procedure

lsh hysterectomy is believed as an effective way to prevent urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction. If you think that you have such kind of problem, you may consider taking this medical procedure but before that, you must know what you are about to do and the side effects of taking lsh hysterectomy procedure.

What is LSH Hysterectomy?

LSH hysterectomy procedure is the abbreviation of Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy and it includes several specific procedures. By taking lsh surgery procedure it means that your uterus is removed along with specific known namely laparoscopic tools. The procedure started by separating your uterus from the cervix and then removing the uterus through one of the abdominal incisions. This surgery is a little bit complicated procedure to do so you have to stay around 2 up to 3 days while doing LSH hysterectomy process. You need to take a rest up to four weeks after the procedure before doing your normal daily activities. Women tend to take this surgery due to the less blood and pain risks. Moreover, you don’t need to stay too long in the hospital during the procedure.

What to Do Before Taking LSH Hysterectomy

You have to consult with your personal doctor before taking lsh hysterectomy procedure. Just make sure that you understand the steps to do, the benefits, and even the risks. Actually, there are several risks you might face during or after taking the procedure. For example, there is a case that you will be suffered from an unwanted reaction to medications. As the result, you have to face anesthesia problem. Some patients were also suffered from different risks such as breathing problems, bleeding, infection, blood clots, and specific injury near to the uterus. Due to the risks explained here, you need to know the detail first. First, you have to know why you have to remove your uterus. Second, you have to understand well what you will do before, during, and after taking lsh surgery procedure. Third, before and during the procedure, you have to be comfortable enough. Fourth, don’t be ashamed to ask any kind of questions you don’t understand about LSH hysterectomy. If it is necessary you can just bring notes and write anything you want to learn after the consultation session. Fifth, you may involve your family or best friends before taking a decision. Try to find the member of family or friends who ever done this procedure if you can. It is very important so you can get wider overview and understanding.

Recovery Time

LSH surgery procedure is considered as a surgery with the short recovery period. You just need to stay in the hospital for about 2 days up to 6 days before taking rest at home. You are not allowed to do any kind of activity for about 4 weeks up to 6 weeks. Just consult with your doctor first if you have to do specific activities. You also must call your doctor if you feel specific uncomfortable symptoms. There is a case that you are suffered from fever, heavy bleeding, severe pain, and problem in urinating. If it is happening to you, just go to the doctor right away for further treatment and diagnose. At the same time, women who take lsh hysterectomy can reduce specific health problem such as pelvic pain, bleeding, as well as abdominal bloating. The positive impact is that women are able to have a much better sex along with a greater libido in the term of frequency as well as enjoyment. As the result, you can do sexual intercourse comfortably and maximally. The most important, you can make your beloved couple satisfy with your sexual performance.

LSH Hysterectomy

LSH Hysterectomy

The Facts about LSH Hysterectomy

Some women are afraid to take lsh hysterectomy because they thought that lsh surgery is painful. Even, they are also afraid that this surgery can reduce their weight drastically. Actually, you don’t need to worry because this procedure is less painful. Furthermore, you will not reduce weight drastically after LSH hysterectomy. In fact, there is evidence shows that women will enhance weight when they take this procedure. The main reason is that you still have your ovaries although the uterus has shifted. The main reason is that after taking this procedure you will have slow metabolism process. As the result, your body will burn calorie slower than before. The most important thing is that you have to keep your healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy foods and doing exercise regularly. Actually, you are able to enhance metabolism by bulking your muscles. That’s why you have to do weight training along with tight instruction. You must consult your weight training with your doctor and trainer to prevent serious side effects. Remember! You want to fix your metabolism and not make your health condition worse. You may also do some cardiovascular workouts such as walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, and treadmill to enhance heart rate.

Things to Do After LSH Hysterectomy Procedure

Definitely, you have to keep your health condition after taking lsh hysterectomy by burning calories. One way to do it is by eating healthy foods and the best way is eating more fruits and vegetables. For example, you can eat a large bowl of salad along with low-fat oil or olive oil. Just eat the salad before lunch and dinner. Moreover, you can also add two different types of fruits while eating your cereal. The good news is that you are able to eat a snack as long as it is a healthy snack such as broccoli and tasteless yogurt, By doing this simple trick, you can keep your health just like before you take LSH hysterectomy. The chance to have a better life is bigger than before as long as you know what to do as lsh surgery patient.

The point is that you don’t need to worry if you have to take lsh hysterectomy procedure due to your health problem. You just need to follow all the instructions from your doctor. Don’t be ashamed to go to the doctor if you feel something wrong or uncomfortable after taking this procedure. Just make must-do activities and don’t activities and follow the note strictly so you can keep your health although your uterus was removed. In conclusion, you can still have a normal life after taking lsh hysterectomy.

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