Southwest Hospital McComb MS Commits to Provide the Best Care and Service

Citizens of McComb Mississippi who are in need of any kind of medical assistance can visit Southwest Hospital McComb MS. There are several hospitals in this area but it is safe to say that Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center is one of the best. This hospital was built in 1969 and serves an area with approximately 170,000 people.

The hospital works closely with health department McComb MS to provide the best medical care for the patients. Furthermore, to ensure everybody can get adequate medical service, this medical center also serves patients that are eligible for Medicaid McComb MS.

The presence of Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center is very helpful for people within the area. If this Southwest Hospital McComb MS was not equipped with the best healthcare services and equipment like what it has now, the residents of McComb and surrounding areas will have to travel to Los Angeles or New Orleans to enjoy advanced healthcare service.


As one of the best medical centers in the state, patients this hospital comes with a very extensive medical service. The trauma center of this hospital is classified as level III, which means it is capable to provide 24-hour emergency medical service with medical physicians, general surgeons, and anesthesiologists always available. Furthermore, Level III Trauma Center is already capable to perform resuscitation and emergency surgery. It means, unless the patient is in a really bad condition, this hospital is able to provide necessary medical care without having to transfer the patient to Level II or Level I trauma center.

Southwest Hospital McComb MS

Southwest Hospital McComb MS

The medical service available in this hospital includes acute care, neurology, general surgery, gastroenterology, urology, cardiovascular institute, internal medicine and hyperbaric. Furthermore, the hospital also provides Cancer Institute for both treatment and prevention. This hospital also accepts Medicaid. However, patients should visit Medicaid office in McComb MS first to find their status and eligibility.

The Hospitality of Local Health Care Center

It is true that there are bigger hospitals in other bigger cities. It is also undeniable that some might even have better facilities. However, there are many reasons that make the citizens of McComb prefer to go to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center compared to other big hospitals outside the town. Firstly, this hospital has complete facilities and medical care, which is more than enough to serve the people in McComb. So, as long as the patients can get the medical service they need in this hospital, they don’t find any reason to commute for hours to bigger hospitals.

Furthermore, the citizens of McComb also love the familiarity of this medical center. Since the medical personnel and hospital staffs are the member of McComb’s local community, patients, especially the elders, feel more comfortable to be treated by people they already know. The hospital also can help contacting Medicaid office McComb MS for patients who need assistance. Overall, thanks to its great service, residents of McComb who need medical assistance can conveniently come to this Southwest Hospital McComb MS anytime they want and enjoy high-quality medical service and care.

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