Southwest Women’s Healthcare Services

For women requiring high-quality healthcare services, Southwest women’s healthcare center can provide ones to them. There are clear reasons why women require better access to healthcare than that required by men. Almost every woman will experience at least one period in their life where they have to safeguard the life of another person: when they are pregnant. And when it’s time for them to give birth, they will be in a life-threatening condition. This very fact gives rise to the establishment of women’s healthcare clinic that offers specialized treatments to women, especially during the most precarious moments in their life. Here are services that this healthcare center offers.

Pregnancy Care

Women require specialized care during their pregnancy, especially in the earlier stages of it. Their fetus is in the riskiest state during the first trimester of the pregnancy. To make sure that both the mother and the baby can start everything with a healthy beginning, specialized care is needed. This care will continue throughout the pregnancy period to make sure that both the mother and the fetus receive enough nutrition, remain healthy, and stay in a stable state until the period of labor. Southwest women’s healthcare center will monitor their condition continues to gather essential pregnancy-related information, to detect any anomalies, to deal with those anomalies before they cause a serious problem, and to take necessary measure based on the collected information and data.

Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan is carried out periodically or whenever necessary to visually monitor the development of the fetus, to gather information about the fetus, and to detect any problems that may occur. In the past, ultrasound scan could produce only poor-quality yet the sufficiently comprehensible 2D image that allows both the doctor and the mother to learn about her baby’s sex, position in the womb, size and weight, and so forth. Today, clearer 3D image can be produced in the women’s healthcare clinic using 3D or 4D ultrasound scan procedure. This procedure gives the doctor and the mother more comprehensible image of the fetus that grows in the womb. The produced image is also more worth keeping due to its high quality and vibrant color.

Southwest Women’s Healthcare Services

Southwest Women’s Healthcare Services

Gynecological Care

Southwest women’s healthcare center also provides a full selection of gynecological care services that help women maintain perfect health. Women are known to be more prone to certain debilitating health problems, including menopausal arthritis and osteoporosis, problems with menstruation, gynecological cancers (breast, cervix, ovaries, etc.), cysts, endometriosis, sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, trichomonas, gonorrhea, herpes, vaginitis, etc.), and problems that require gynecological surgery. In the case of surgery, both ambulation (outpatient) and inpatient surgery are available in the clinic.


Southwest women’s healthcare center also performs sterilization to eligible patients. This treatment can be carried out per patients’ request or if deemed necessary to ensure their health. The sterilization procedure is called tubal occlusion, which involves the cutting of women’s fallopian tube. One procedure called hysterectomy, which involves the removal of the uterus, may also result in permanent sterility, though it is not a normal sterilization procedure carried out in Southwest women’s healthcare center.

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