Women’s Care in Mississippi Health Center and Other Clinics in Mississippi, Indiana and Louisiana

Women require specialized health care because their physiology is different from men’s and because women may suffer from various health problems not commonly suffered by men. Here are a number of women-first health center facilities that you can find in Mississippi, Indiana, and Louisiana if you need comprehensive and reliable women’s health care services.

Mississippi Health Center

Mississippi health center is a health care center in Mississippi that specializes in various types of alternative medicine. Although this health center is not the women’s health center that serves only female patients, it can help women overcome their health problems using various procedures including acupuncture, environmental medicine, naturopathic medicine, etc. If you want to try alternative medicine before trying pharmaceutical drugs, you can pay a visit to this health center.

Richardson Health Center

Richardson Health Center is a healthcare center located in Rayville, Louisiana. It provides almost all kinds of health care service that men and women need. For female patients, among treatments that you can find there include mammography for breast cancer monitoring and prevention, ultrasound and echography for various kinds of medical examination and pregnancy monitoring, gynecological surgery for treating various health problems that require surgery, and cardiac services.

Valparaiso University Health Center

VU Health Center in Valparaiso, Indiana, is a medical center specializing in family medicine and general practice. You can visit this clinic to treat mild diseases and to get medical advice to stay healthy.

Women’s Care in Mississippi Health Center

Women’s Care in Mississippi Health Center

Hubbs Health Center

Hubbs Health Center is the medical section of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. It provides health care services for injuries and illnesses and special care for men and women. Women who are concerned about breast cancer can undergo breast exam in this health center. Pap smears for examining cervical cancer are also available in its facility. If you want to have a consultation about your fertility or if you wish to get contraceptive counseling, you can also get one there. Patients with sexually transmitted diseases can also undergo a medical checkup and receive treatment there. Services are available only after appointment and the women’s health center hours are from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Harrison Health Center

Harrison Health Center in Corydon, Indiana, is a health center specialized in treating elderly people. This nursing home provides comprehensive services to ensure the wellness and well-being of senior patients. Old age is challenging for both men and women, but it is actually more challenging for women than it is for men. A recent study found that women live longer than men, but they suffer poor health longer than men do. Harrison Health Center can be an excellent place for elderly women who need constant care, monitoring and companionship.

Louisiana State University Health Center

LSU Health Center is actually a student clinic that is an integral part of the university. It has a dedicated women’s clinic served by two nurse practitioners. You can visit this clinic if you need to consult about your health or if you want to receive any gynecological treatments.

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