Women’s Clinic: Guides and Its Importance

The Women’s Clinic offers high quality and extensive reproductive health and other gynecological services for women of all ages. Recognizing how incredibly unique women are, and the challenges they face, it’s important that women care does not fall by the wayside. However, with all of their daily responsibilities, sometimes negative consequences to their health and quality of life cannot be avoided.

Importance of women healthcare

Are you someone who tends to forego your regular checkup and OB/GYN examination whenever life gets in the way? You may have put yourself at a disadvantage. Those who make women care a priority will be able to find out sooner if there is an issue with their health. Below are reasons why you must never skip your visit to women clinic for a checkup, regardless of how busy you are.

  • Regular OB/GYN aids in health risk prevention

A number of health issues involving women can actually be prevented. Take cervical cancer, for instance. Caused by Human papillomavirus, abnormal cells typically can already be detected in the cervix even years before cancer emerges. Regular women’s health clinic visits may help you identify this issue sooner and determine the appropriate treatment.

  • Maintaining higher quality of life

When it comes to Women health care and regular visit to women’s clinic, it’s not always about detecting or preventing illnesses. It’s also about better quality of life. Many women feel uncomfortable being candid about their issues with the doctor, yet often form a unique bond with their nursepractitioner. This personal relationship undoubtedly helps healthcare provider give them proper treatment and support.

Women's Health Center

Women’s Health Center

Empowering women to make health care decision

The women’s health clinic does not only understand the challenges that many women have to face. They also understand how incredibly different they are from one another. Not only beliefs, the differences also stem from aspects such as sexual orientation, cultural backgrounds and more. This typically calls for a different approach when it comes to delivering comprehensive care.

Whether it’s a first-time gynecological exam, or routine STI screen or pregnancy-related discussion. A good Women’s Clinic always makes it its priority to deliver comprehensive examination that fits personal preference. Not only that, these clinics also work to ensure that women feel comfortable sharing their concerns on each Visit.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s about sexual concerns or abortion referral. Their concerns are just as important. Every health care provider, from the doctors to the staff, must always treat patients with respect. This unique approach to women care is important to help empower women in making the best healthcare decision for themselves.

Services offered by Women’s Health Clinic

With resident physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, gynecologists and other specific skill clinicians, Women’s health clinics are able to provide evidence-based care. The following is a list of health maintenance and wellness services offered by a majority of Women’s Clinic.

  • Contraception and pregnancy prevention
  • Drop-in pregnancy test
  • Pap test
  • STI screening and HPV vaccine
  • Pregnancy planning
  • Resources for pregnant women and ultrasound
  • Nutrition and fitness resources

There is a myriad of services to cover every facet of women’s health care. But what about the challenges that women have to face when it comes to health issues? To understand the challenges, below are a few of the most common health concerns typically brought up in these clinics:

  • Yeast infection and urinary tract infection
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Endometriosis and ovarian cysts
  • Vulvar pain and painful intercourse
  • Uterine fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease
Women's Health Clinic

Women’s Health Clinic

Common health concerns in women

Other than the aforementioned health issues, one of the biggest offenders is undoubtedly painful or heavy menstrual period. As reported by various News, more than 10-million women are haunted by painful heavy periods. These undoubtedly affect women in more ways than one. Not only does heavy bleeding affect their lifestyle, it also leads to a myriad of health issues such as headaches, anemia, and cramps.

Your medical provider in your women health center will address the situation by doing further examination. In many cases, your women health care provider will advise you to undergo a Novasure procedure. This particular procedure is also widely referred to as Endometrial Ablation, a procedure where the uterus lining (endometrium) is removed.

By using radiofrequency energy in order to remove the endometrium, this treatment is considered as an incredibly effective and non-invasive option. However, it’s worth noting that not every woman would be considered as a good candidate for this procedure. Yes, the Novasure procedure should only be performed on women who are on premenopausal and most importantly, the ones who are done having children.

Other common health issues are, without a doubt, sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Some women may encounter problems when they have painful urination, others find it when they have an intercourse. This condition affects the well being of a woman and if not treated right away, may also affect relationships. Luckily, various learning-links point out that there is a solution for this.

Some Women’s Clinic also offers extensive treatment for women health issues such as this. In this case, LSH hysterectomy procedure will be advised. LSH stands for Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy, is a procedure where the woman’s uterus is removed by using unique laparoscopic tools. Due to the complicated nature of this procedure, the recovery lasts for over 4-weeks after the procedure.

Women's Clinic

Women’s Clinic

What you should know on your visit

If this would be your first-time visiting the women’s health center for a checkup, you may have a lot of questions. From how to get an appointment, to what to expect. While your expectation is largely depending on what you are visiting the Women’s clinic for, getting an appointment is fairly easy. All you have to do is fill in Patient Forms in the Patient’s Service section of the clinic.

A few questions regarding your medical history, pregnancy history, last menstrual period, financial arrangements along with your contact details will be asked. Hence the importance of knowing What to Bring to your first appointment. Be sure to have all of the aforementioned information written down on a piece of paper and have it ready for scheduling. Discuss your concerns and Additional Services if needed. Your counselor at Women’s Clinic will be more than happy to help.

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